Saturday, June 21, 2008

Xenobia Bailey now on etsy

Xenobia Bailey (b. 1955) just ROCKS! I once met her when she gave a presentation at Hallmark Cards, Inc., my former employer for seven years. She wore this magnificent crochet coat and shared that she crocheted her suitcase the night before. She stunned the audience with her energy and her immense creativity. She lectured on "funk" that day. I couldn't believe that someone in the audience asked her to define funk! I remember she also told us that she had visions for creating a crochet city. Mind you - this lecture was at least 10 years ago!

I was on the Craftzine blog and came across this photo of this SINGLE CROCHET hut. Arwen O'Reilly shared on the blog that this 1993 piece by Xenobia Bailey was in the group exhibition "Six Degrees of Separation 2" and is titled "Sistah Paradise Great Wall of Fire Revival Tent."

What vision to know you can CREATE a house with yarn! I do wonder what makes the structure stand upright. Where there other pieces that went with this tent or hut?

Just this week Xenobia Bailey shared on her blog that she is starting to sell her crochet hats on etsy ( Best wishes!


Kiandra said...

what a beautiful piece of art! this is making my heart beat wonderful when i stumble across a wonderful artist who inspires me and reminds me to forge ahead.

thanks for sharing this!

Kyra said...


Thank you for your note. I can only image what seeing Ms. Bailey's work in person is like!

Best, Kyra

Unknown said...

This is FABULOUS!!! When I first saw the photo I assumed this was a small piece but it's BIG. Wow--would love to see this in person.