Friday, January 16, 2009

Anacostia Community Museum - Jubliee show has quilt

Just saw this photo by Brendan Smialowski for The New York Times of this FANTASTIC quilt on exhibit at the Anacostia Community Museum in Washington DC until September 2009. According to the museum's website:
This colorful exhibition looks at African American holidays and celebrations around the country. Many of these celebrations (Election Day, Pinkster and John Canoe) no longer exist, while others (Big Quarterly and Mardi Gras) are still celebrated regionally but are not as well known or widely observed. Among the nearly 50 holidays featured are those created in response to Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation. The history of these celebrations and other events—the homecoming festivities of historically black colleges and universities; the annual events of African American fraternities, sororities and secret societies; and more recently emerged traditions, such as Kwanzaa, family reunions and Martin Luther King Jr. Day—are presented through images of captured moments from throughout the years and treasured artifacts along with traditional songs and regional folklore related to holidays.
I have GOT to see this quilt in person and learn who stitched it. Have you seen this quilt? Enjoy!


Sherry Ways said...

I truly LOVE your blog. You definitely stay in tune to what is happening. The Anacostia Museum is around the corner from me. I will definitely check it out.

Make a difference said...

I think you will like this website: It's an online shopping mall where a percent of every sale goes to YOUR favorite nonprofit group!

This month's feature is Southern Poverty Law Center:


Kyra said...


Thanks for your note - glad you enjoy this blog! Do come back and share your what you see at the Anacostia.

Best, Kyra