Friday, January 16, 2009

Mrs. Michelle Obama's Gowns - Quilt blocks

Many thanks to Christine at the Winnowings blog for letting me know she's stitched several potential inaugural ball gowns (in quilt block format, of course!) for Michelle Obama. Here's one golden off-the-shoulder formal (cotton) gown. Move over Sunbonnet Sue!


Willa said...

What a creative endeavor! I love these types of blocks. Kyra, thanks for providing us with great information on a consistent basis. It is often a wonderful break in my day to stop and see what you are sharing! Great job.

Anonymous said...

I love the simple elegance of the gowns in the blocks. I think they're just perfect!!

Kyra said...


Thanks for your note! I think the block is really cool.

And, it turns out Mrs. Obama did where gold/mustard color today for the Inauguration!

Best, Kyra

Anonymous said...

Definetly move over Sunbonnet Sue!!
Good block for 21st century girls- and it has style. You can do a lot with it. Great to have such an elegant and strong lady in the White house.

Riche Richardson said...

Wow! This gown IS amazingly similar to the one that she wore at the inauguration balls!

Riche' Richardson

Bill Volckening said...