Friday, October 08, 2010

Happy 80th Birthday Faith Ringgold!

Sending all best wishes to Faith Ringgold on her birthday today. The Neuberger Museum of Art is presenting a comprehensive survey of Ringgold paintings, on view September 11 to December 19, 2010. The exhibit includes the American People (1963 - 1967) and Black Light (1967 - 1971) series. There is an exhibit catalog. And, closing tomorrow at the ACA Art Galleries New York is the exhibit "Faith Ringgold: Coming to Jones Road, Part II & Other Story Quilts." Blessings!


Karoda said...

Oh my, just right after I reconciled with not going to hear her and Aminah Robinson in 2 weeks in Columbus, I see this.

Big Mama said...

"Faith Ringgold is well known as the progenitor of the African American story quilt revival that began in the late 1970s."

Kyra, As a teacher I first "discovered" Ms. Ringgold as an author of children's stories. For a long time I did not realize that many of the illustrations were quilts. And I certainly never knew about her part in AA story quilt revival. Thank you for this.

Happy, happy Birthday, Ms. Ringgold!!!!

Bill Volckening said...

What a treat to read about Faith Ringgold! Her quilt, "The Wedding, The Lover's Trilogy #1" was part of a show in New York back in 2001, which also included a couple of my antique quilts. It was one of the first contemporary quilts I'd ever seen, and I was blown away by it. Just wonderful!! Thank you for posting about her.