Sunday, December 13, 2009

Have an iTouch? What quilting books are you reading there?

Raise your hands if you have an iTouch or iPhone? I purchased an iTouch last year. For those who don't know, it's like an iPhone without the camera OR the monthly phone bill! I can download any app, song, or even full-length movie from the iTunes store and enjoy.

Earlier this year, I downloaded Amazon's free Kindle app so I can read books purchased for the Kindle electronic reader on my iTouch. My Mom has my old Kindle and she LOVES it - but that's another story (smile!). I've read about five novels now and a few how-to books on my iTouch. As a quilter, you might enjoy the following Kindle versions of these quilt-related books. You can read them all on an iTouch as well.
What are your favorite quilt-related things to do with your iTouch? Enjoy!


taylorsoutback said...

Can't imagine life without my iTouch..Love it, love it!!! Have you downloaded any of the free lectures from the International Quilt Museum/University of Lincoln? Great to watch while on the treadmill too. And oh the music to have in the background while in the sewing room...

Bethany said...

I purchased a book called "Quilted Gardens: Floral Quilts of the Nineteenth Century" by Ricky Clark from Amazon. Excellent read as it gives a historical and explanation of how blocks were made and how they were put into quilts.

Don't forget you can download Barnes And Nobles new reader as well from their site.

Another great application is called Stanza and lets you download books. Can you tell I like reading? LOL.

Will have to check out those free lectures.

Love my iPod Touch.

Bethany said... you had me curious..Check this out! C&T Publishing has an application for 3.99 for their Quick and Easy Quilt Block Tool. It has 102 blocks and gives you 5 sizes and all the cutting charts. I think I have it in book form.

Kyra said...

Bethany -

Thank you for your note - I'll have to check out the apps you mention. Yes, I have Stanza. Continue to read books via my iPhone Kindle app.

Best, Kyra

Kyra said...

Taylors Outback -

Thank you for the heads-up about free quilt lectures at IQM! Will have a look.

Best, Kyra