Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Legacy of Twelve - Poems by Quilter Dorothy Montgomery

Have you had a chance to read South Carolina quilter Dorothy Montgomery's 58 page poetry booklet "A Legacy of Twelve: Notes from a Musical Scale Create Many Styles of Music"? Her 2006 book includes images of five of Miss Montgomery's quilts - including this one on the book's cover. The poems mostly focus on musical themes as Miss Montgomery is a retired music teacher. My favorite poems are the two about Harriet Tubman. Enjoy!


Valerie said...

Delurking to say this looks fascinating, as I appreciate poetry as well. Going to look at this book online now!

Anonymous said...

Valerie - Thanks for leaving a comment. Hope you enjoy the poetry/quilt book! Kyra

Lauren Cross's Art Blog said...

Kyra, Ms. Montgomery is also one of the quilters featured in the film as well. She is a jewel!