Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Quilts Telling Stories - Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Feb 16

The Textile and Costume Society of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston is hosting a panel discussion titled "Quilts Telling Stories" on February 16, 2011. It is a ticketed event.

There will be an exploration of 19th-century storytelling quilts, from the extraordinary example in the MFA collection by former slave Harriet Powers (the Pictorial Quilt in photo here), to a silk quilt made by Celestine Bacheller of Massachusetts, and quilts sent by northern women to the battlefields of the Civil War.

The panel will include: Lynne Bassett, Textile and costume historian, Kyra E. Hicks, quilter and author of This I Accomplish: Harriet Powers' Bible Quilt and Other Pieces, Pam Parmal, David and Roberta Logie Curator of Textile and Fashion Arts, and Lauren Whitley, curator, David and Roberta Logie Department of Textile and Fashion Arts. Enjoy!

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