Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Oprah Quilt - Gorgeous!

.......................... Dateline - Shreveport, Louisiana! The Quilting Queens, Hurricane Katrina volunteers all, stitched a GORGEOUS quilt from unused donated clothes. The center of the quilt features a painted and embroidered image of Oprah Winfrey, designed by artist Larry Milner. The quilting ladies, including (from left) Dorothy Myers, Helon Cooper, Mary Howell, and Charlotte Martin, hope that Oprah accepts the quilt - shipped to Chicago last Monday.

Glad to hear folklorist Dr. Susan Roach has documented these quilters creation! What do you think about this quilt?

Check out Vickie Welborn's article in the SheveportTimes!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful! It looks great. And I know personally the therapeutic value of making the quilt. I know this will help all around.

Sandra J Williams
Chesapeake, VA

Elle said...

The Oprah quilt is beautiful. Heartfelt.