Sunday, November 05, 2006

Edward Bostick - NY Quilter

Today I learned about the creations of Edward Bostick, a self-taught quilter from Beaufort, South Carolina, who is a member of the Quilters of Color Network of New York. Mr. Bostick's grandmother, Ollie, quilted as did a great aunt, and two aunts. His quilts have been featured in a solo show at the Brooklyn Central Library in 2005 and the Borough of Manhattan Community College in February 2006 (photo). Marvelous quilts!

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Anonymous said...

I was thoroughly impressed with the Billie Holiday quilt displayed at the MOAD Museum in San Francisco Displayed next to another "Holiday" quilt by the same name "Southern Trees Bare Strange Fruit", Dr. Bostick's quilt show a much more detailed and complicated portrait. The depiction of blood, grief, anxiety, and the artful display of the tortured bodies was masterful!