Friday, November 10, 2006

USAToday - 10 Great Places for Quilts

Ayesha Court writes today in USA Today of 10 Great Places to be Enveloped by Quilts. Read where you can see notable African American-made quilts in museum collections nationally: Birmingham Museum of Art, Smith Robertson Museum in Jackson, MS, the Jimmy Carter Library and Museum in Atlanta (photo is of quilt by Philly's Lorraine Mahan for the President), the Guggenheim Museum in NY and more!


Elle said...

I enjoyed the article and congrats on it! I would've also liked to have seen the Boston Museum of Fine Arts (since the Smithsonian's Amer. History museum's closed for renovations) for Harriet Power's quilts.

Kyra said...

Hey Elle,

We have it good here in DC with free Smithsonian admissions. The one time I was in Boston, I stopped by the Museum of Fine Arts to see the Harriet Powers quilt and didn't have enough cash for the museum admissions! Pooh!