Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Harriet Powers stereoview sold $203.50

eBay! A RARE image of Harriet Powers' Bible Quilt on display at the 1895 Atlanta Cotton Expo recently came up for auction on eBay. Can you image - this is the same Expo that Booker T. Washington spoke at... so he MUST have walked the hallways and seen this quilt. This is also the same Expo where AME Bishop Henry Turner showcased his collection of Liberian artifacts, including a certain quilt handstitched by Martha Ann Ricks.

The stereoview of the Harriet Powers' quilt was taken by the B. W. Kilburn Company - image #10688 Quilt Exhibit, Interior of Negro Building (eBay item #150083578933 - it's the last one in the photo.) The final auction price for the lot... $203.50... worth every penny!


Sarah said...

What an exciting ebay auction!! I can't believe it got away for 203--I bet they could have gotten more if it had been an advertised auction (to the right audiences - like your blog readers!), don't you?

And so fascinating that Martha Ann's quilt was there too!

Thanks for your blog - I read it all the time and am so glad to have a place to keep up on such things!

Rock on, Kyra!

Sarah in NH

Elle said...

Oh my God...what a find that is!!!

Anonymous said...

I just purchased the stereoview of the Bible Quilt at the Atlanta Exposition of 1895. I got it with another 22 stereos of the expo, including another 7 of the exhibits at the Negro Building. I was very happy to get it at the Cowan's auciton.