Saturday, March 31, 2007

Accidentially On Purpose - New Book

Available this month is a new book, Accidentally On Purpose: The Aesthetic Management of Irregularities in African Textiles and African-American Quilts by Eli Leon. 176 pages, 129 color images, $39.95 retail price. 2007 paperback book.
Accidentally On Purpose is about improvisation in a sub-segment of African American quilts. just let me know that my copy has shipped - so I look forward to reading it. Has anyone else yet seen the book? What did you think?
Update: My copy arrived... The Table of Contents: Preface, Introduction by Robert Farris Thompson, two essays: "Wrapping Home Around Me: How the Patchwork Quilt May Have Become a Medium for the Expression of African Ideals" and "Accidently on Purpose," an Artists' list, and extensive bibliography of works cited. I haven't started reading the book yet. Several of the quilt photographs are ones previously published in Eli Leon books and articles. However, two photos I don't recall seeing are worth the price of the book to me: 1) on page 83 there's a full-color image of a quilt titled "Marsalis Avenue Missionary Baptist Church Quilt" by "Aunt" Jewell Harts, Beckville, Texas, 1985. 2) on page 96, the Double Wedding Ring Room. This photo shows quilter Isiadore Whitehead (1914 - 2005), Oakland, CA ca. 1970 in a room COMPLETELY decorated with the Double Wedding Ring design using fabric scraps. There's the bed quilt, of course. There's also ceiling to floor set of draps in this pattern, a vanity set chair set cushion, and two lovely rugs with the pattern.


Karoda said...

I so appreciate your blog for these great updates!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I checked Amazon, and ELi Leon is not listed as the author of the paperback.

Kyra said...

Eli Leon is indeed the author, his name is on the book cover. Amazon has listed one of the book contributors as author. I'm sure the publisher will update. You can also go to Amazon and type in Eli Leon's name and the book will come up as not in stock. Again, Amazon listing is out of whack at the moment. Enjoy!