Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Artist considers ... in case of death

I read several blogs - some for quilting, some for children's literature. One of my favorites is Don Tate II's blog - he's an illustrator of several kid's lit books as well as illustrator for fabrics (at right) and scrapbook pages. Don recently posted a note about an artist who passed away and Don wondered if he - an illustrator with many deals in progress - passed away if he was prepared.

As a quilter, have you .....
  1. made a list of your quilts .... name, year, measurements, who owns, insurance value

  2. made a list of where your quilts are on display so your family can get them back?

  3. taken photographs of (all) your quilts

  4. let your family know where your artist resume or bio is located

  5. completed a will that includes any instructions for your quilts... and your FABRICS?

What other items should we as quilters consider?

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