Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Cadillac Chronicles - Bill Gaskins photos

........... ......Let me introduce you to art professor and photographer Bill Gaskins - who has steadfastly supported my adventures in researching Black Threads and Martha Ann Ricks' life story. Only my parents and Cuesta Benberry were greater cheerleaders. You may be familar with his book, Good And Bad Hair: Photographs by Bill Gaskins.

Well, Bill's latest project, The Cadillac Chronicles, explores portrait photography through the subject of Black men and Cadillac cars. Bill was recently quoted:

“The objective of my project is to challenge, humanize, disrupt and at times, affirm many of the stereotypes commonly associated with black men and the Cadillac, and to explore some 21st century questions I have about photography and the portrait. A centerpiece of this project is for me to engage the city in a conversation about my work, my life as an artist, and to share the lessons I learn through The Cadillac Chronicles with the people of Newark.”
Raise your hand... how many of us know an African American man who LOVES his Caddie?
If you're in the Newark, NJ area, hear Bill talk about the Cadillac Chronicles and share portraits of Newark’s Brick City GM Crew and the Nostalgic Automobile Society of Montclair members on Thursday, April 26, 2007 at Rutgers University at 4pm. RSVP here. Congrats, Bill!

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