Monday, May 28, 2007

Quilt, a poem, by Pittershawn Palmer

by Pittershawn Palmer

The needle passes through your soul
Stitching together your thoughts and emotions
Slowly tying off the ends of your experiences
Binding together the things that try to fall apart

What began as a single entity with its own color and vibrancy
Now becomes part of a greater scheme or pattern
The personality of a single patch is meshed
Into an intricate web of many lives and deeds

Sometimes you can forget where you begin
And the other pattern ends
Do the borders change the story that is trying to be told?
Does life change the person that is trying to unfold?

A time capsule of many different intricacies
Spilling over decades of thread and cloth
Engulfed in a sea of pastels, earthtones, plaids and florals
Hoping for a colorfast life that does not bleed over

As your life hangs on a wall for all to see
You recall a time when your world didn’t seem so clustered
A book for all to read
But it doesn’t seem to matter anymore

Now worn, faded and aged
Some of the pieces cannot be recognized
You have almost forgotten some of the details
Yet, the essence of the matter remains

Whether on display or put away
Everyone remembers the time it took to create this life
Caring hands still care for the cloth
Understanding hearts hold the pieces together

Pittershawn was inspired to write this poem after viewing the movie "How to Make an American Quilt." Thank you Pittershawn for sharing! You can check-out her latest short story, The Letters, for only 49 cents on

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Pittershawn said...

Wow. I had no idea my poem was on this site. Was doing an overall search for places where my name exists, and bumped into this.