Monday, May 28, 2007

Tracey Rico - Our Glory Quilt

On this Memorial Day, thought I'd introduce you to the work of Sistah-Doctor quilter, Tracey Rico. Here is her quilt Our Glory, click here for a detailed description of this story quilt. Dr. Rico is board-certified in Emergency and Pediatric Emergency Medicine. She is a self-taught quilter. According to a 2003 Black Enterprise article, her quilts range from $5,000 - $16,000. You can see more of Dr. Rico's work on her website, Enjoy!


Libby said...

First off let me congratulate you on a wonderful blog. There are so many knitting, craft,etc blogs that are great, but they are written by white women and focus on their art, etc. I was thrilled to find a blog that focuses on black women and their creativity.

As for Dr. Rico. Good Grief. She's obviously intelligent, beautiful and extremely creative. Totally amazing.

Kyra said...


Thanks for your note! Glad you are enjoying the blog. It's fun!

And, yes, Dr. Rico's work is on jam!