Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Gee's Bend Cases - You Read the Documents

For those interested in following the legal proceedings of the various Gee's Bend quilt cases, you might want to read more directly about the cases in the US District Court for the Southern District of Alabama:
  • Annie Mae Young v. Tinwood Ventures et al Civil Action No. 07-317
  • Loretta Pettway v. Tinwood Ventures et al Civil Action No. 07-423
  • Lucinda Pettway Franklin v. Tinwood Ventures et al Civil Action No. 07-438

You can visit your local library to see if the library has access to public court documents. Or you can register with PACER - "Public Access to Court Electronic Records ... an electronic public access service that allows users to obtain case and docket information from Federal Appellate, District and Bankruptcy courts, and the U.S. Party/Case Index via the Internet." There's a fee of about 8 cents per page to access the records.

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Anonymous said...

I set up a google alert for quilts about a month ago and just learned about these lawsuits. The mainstream media has not picked up these stories and they should! It is awful to think that these talented women are being taken advantage of. I was glad to see that several quilts had been returned to their rightful owner. I would like to buy a book on the Gees Bend Quilts and quilters but don't want money to go to the Arnetts!