Sunday, July 22, 2007

Black Authors on Amazon Shorts - Part 2

Amazon Shorts are short essays or fictional pieces available exclusively on for only 49 cents! You can download the story, have it emailed to you, or read it immediately online. There's nearly 1,800 Amazon Shorts available - with 60 titles by Black Authors. Earlier I listed over a dozen different titles for your reading. Here's a list of new titles and African American authors on Amazon Shorts:
The Kingsley Affair by Quintin Peterson. This is a fast-paced, racy 8 page short story with a surprising end! Award winning writer Quintin Peterson has twenty-five years of police service officer and author of two crime novels.

Dad’s Love – Part 1 by Sean. This 50 page story is about a young man who yearns to know his absent father as he grows up in his urban apartment, reared by his mother and grandmother.

Through a Mother's Heart by Jacquelin Thomas, an award-winning author of more than 25 novels. In this short story, “Gina Collins's perfect world collapses when she discovers that her daughter has been arrested for drug trafficking.”

Man vs. Machine: Hilarious Tales of People Interacting with Technology by Hakeem Shittu. This 24-pages short examines “…the topsy-turvy moments that occur when we first encounter new technology and how we learn from these moments.”

The Secret to Your Man by Atlanta writer Tawanna Savage

Just the Two of Us by Arabesque romance novelist Sean D. Young. This Short explores love growing from deep friendship.

Gay & Lesbian
Bad Damon by Cincinnati lecturer and freelance writer Doug Cooper-Spencer.

Memories of a Refugee Child by Ekenyerenogozi Michael Chima, a Nigerian writer who focuses a glaring eye at the “horrors of refugee children in Biafra.”
And, there's my own - the first Amazon Short to include a quilt pattern, The Liberian Flag Story & Love of Liberty Quilt. The true story of the seven Black women who stitched the first Liberian national flag. Enjoy them all!

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