Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Gee's Bend Through Lens of a Black Woman

Now I have to plan a trip back to Baltimore! The Baltimore Times recently posted an article by Nakia Herring about photographer Linda Day Clark and her various professional and personal trips to Gee's Bend to photograph the quilter and community. Twenty-five of Clark's photos are on display at the Walters Art Museum until September 2, 2007. I'm looking forward to seeing the images from this Sistah photographer! Enjoy!


Unknown said...

hello i am interested in African Americans history in quilting is it possible that you can recommend a book I can start with? And is Gees Bends a hoax?

Kyra said...

African - Thank you for your note. There are a number of books about various aspects of African American quilt history. One quick way to see a list of books is to ask your local bookstore for a recommendation or go to an online bookstore, such as Amazon.com, and use a keyword search such as "African Quilt" and see list that is returned. You can also do a search on "Gee's Bend" and read about the quilters in the Alabama community. Best, Kyra