Monday, November 26, 2007

Obama and Clinton Quilted Postcards

Countdown to the January primaries and caucuses. I'm interested in hearing about quilts or quilted postcards with a 2008 Presidential Election theme. Has anyone stitched a Barack Obama Hope Quilt or a Hill-Raising Quilt? Are there any guilds or round robins creating political quilts for this upcoming election? Do post a note or link here!

The two fabric postcards here were commissioned by Detroit's own Rosie Chapman, who is an expert in quilted postcards. I vote for Rosie!


Deborah said...

what does one have to do to get one of those obama postcards!!! they are fabulous!

Kyra said...


Aren't the good!! I commissioned Rosie for them given and left the design up to her.

Best, Kyra