Friday, December 14, 2007

Clara Johnson Scroggins - Sistah Ornament Collector

I worked at Hallmark Cards for seven years and had the pleasure of working on Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments for three years. What magic! During that time, I met Sistah Ornament Collector Clara Johnson Scroggins, an expert on ALL Christmas ornaments. She was ALWAYS gracious and generous with sharing her knowledge on these tree trimmers. Mrs. Scroggins, an Arkansas native now living in Florida, has 1 million pieces in her collection. According to the North Tampa newspaper:

Her collection began with a small, elegant silver cross she bought 34 years ago after her first husband died suddenly of a brain aneurism. Grief stricken and unable to eat or sleep, she was coerced by a friend to take a shopping trip. She spotted the cross in a jeweler's window. Noticing that it was a second-edition, she launched a nationwide search for the first-edition version, which she eventually tracked to a store in Oklahoma City, Okla.
She's not a quilter, but during this time of year, I wanted to introduce you to this extraordinary woman. Enjoy!

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