Thursday, January 03, 2008

Barack Obama Inspired HOPE Quilt Blocks - Free Pattern

How exciting were the Iowa Caucuses this evening!? I listened to each of the speeches by the candidates afterwards and was so inspired by Barack Obama's passionate appeal for a better America, for hope. After Obama's Iowa Caucus victory speech, I got out a few blank pieces of paper and sketched four quilt blocks, composed of four simple letters... H.O.P.E. You can download the PDF of the Barack Obama Inspired HOPE Quilt Blocks here - my gift to you. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I'm not a quilter, but tonight was inspiring! I look forward to seeing some Obama Hope quilts here.

Kyra said...


Thanks! Look forward to sharing links and photos as I see them or as folks forward to me.

Best, Kyra

Anonymous said...


I confess to following the Democratic race more closely than the Republican. However, from an interview with Jay Leno the night before the Iowa primary, I learned that Huckabee is from Hope, Arkansas. Hence your quilt block could be interpreted as bi-partisan.

Can't wait till I get to vote in my state's primary!


Kyra said...


Love the bipartisan concept!


lisa said...

Hey Kyra -

Feel free to promote the HOPE pattern and your blog on the Fiber Artists for Obama blog if you like. -- Be well,