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The Bends of Life - Gee's Bend in Dance

Visiting Cincinnati January 25th or 26th? Visit the Contemporary Dance Theater for “The Bends of Life…Surviving, Sewing, Standing” This dance was conceived by Thaddeus Davis, Tanya Wideman-Davis, and Patdro Harris. According to the theater's website:
"Wideman/Davis Dance ... will present "Bends of Life," a short trip through American history as reflected in the Southern black community of Gee's Bend, Alabama. Set to sacred and folk music, the piece follows two characters from slavery to sharecropping, receiving the right to vote, and the creation of functional quilts being sold as art."
The dance company's website says it's about bringing "different artists together to create dialogue about the human condition, by using dance as its central voice but not the sole voice."

"The Bends of Life" was performed in 2005. In an email today, Thaddeus Davis shared that the dance will also visit the St. Joseph's Historical Foundation in Durham, NC on April 1 - 6, and the Spectrum Dance Theatre in Seattle, WA on May 18 - 24. Enjoy!

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The correct URL to St. Joseph's Historical Foundation is:
You had
org/ listed as the URL.
The African American Quilt Circle in Durham, NC will have our quilt show scheduled during the “The Bends of Life…Surviving, Sewing, Standing” performance. The quilt show is scheduled for February 1 through April 6, 2008 at St. Joseph's Historical Foundation. The quilt show opening reception is February 1, 2008, 6:00 – 8:00 pm.
The theme of the 2008 quilt show is “Threads of Our Ancestors: What they’ve given… What we’ve received.” The theme reflects a desire to pay homage to our ancestors and the Gee’s Bend Quilters with contemporary quilts.
There will be a display of members’ vintage quilts during the opening program.
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Thanks for the note - I've updated the URL.

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