Monday, January 14, 2008

Full-size wedding cake

Had to share this photo! Several weeks ago I received photos of this wedding cake and could not believe how beautiful the cake is! Can you image the skill it takes to design the cake, recreate the bride and FABRIC in icing? Thanks again to Extreme Craft for posting link to the wedding reception slideshow on CNN. Best wishes to the bride 35-year old, mother of four Chidi Ogbuta of Allen, Texas. Her husband's name is Innocent (really). Nikki Jackson of Absolutely Edible Cakes designed the cake. Her story has even reached the UK press. According to the article, "The £3,000 cake finally took five weeks to make, needed two gallons of amaretto, 50lbs of sugar, 200 eggs and weighed a whopping 400lb. It needed four men to lift it into the wedding venue." Enjoy!

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Mary Emma Allen said...

Amazing! Thanks for calling this to your readers' attention.