Sunday, March 02, 2008

Linda Apple - Painting a Day - Museum series

I'm always fascinated by ways artists reach an audience on the Internet. There's a Painting in a Day movement, where artist create one work of art per day and then "exhibit" it online, many times with the item for sale. I haven't yet located any African American painters who are showcasing their work in this way. However, I did stumble onto Linda Apple's art journal blog - where she highlights a new painting each day. She has a thoughtful on-going series of young, old, adult, children - all kinds of people visiting a museum. Linda is one of the very few daily artist that I've seen who includes people of color in her work. The image at right is titled "Reviewing the Renaissance" from December 9, 2007. It's about 8" x 8" oil on canvass. It's already been sold. Enjoy!

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