Sunday, March 02, 2008

Quilting Genius 2: The Improvisational Quilts of Susana Hunter

Here's an exhibit note that was recently emailed to me: "The Henry Ford presents Quilting Genius 2: The Improvisational Quilts of Susana Hunter, a new exhibit at Henry Ford Museum on display February 15-April 27, 2008.

"This exhibit features 30 eye-catching improvisational quilts made by Susana Allen Hunter, an African-American quilter from Wilcox County, Alabama, and tells the story of one woman's creativity and resourcefulness as shown through her distinctive quilts. Hunter's quilts- which feature large shapes, bold colors, asymmetrical patterns, and improvisational flair-are an intriguing kaleidoscope of vivid color and design, providing daily-life context to the experience of many African Americans living in the Jim Crow South during the mid-20th century. During her lifetime, Susana made hundreds of quilts by hand, creating beauty from what life offered her. The exhibit will also feature some of Hunter's household items including her quilting frame, sewing scissors and thimbles.

"On March 15, 2007 Henry Ford Museum will also host a special Quilting Genius 2 forum with a panel of experts on Southern culture, improvisational quilts and creative art. ($40 ticket for non-museum members.) ... Speakers will include: Mary Elizabeth Johnson Huff, quilt expert and author of numerous books, is currently directing a statewide project on the documentation of Alabama quilts; Dr. Denise Davis-Maye, an Auburn University professor and a participant in Auburn's "Quilts of Gee's Bend in Context" research project; and Dr. Marsha MacDowell, a nationally-known expert on the cultural context of quilts and a founding member of The Alliance for American Quilts."

Do post a note if you've visited this exhibit! Is there an exhibit catalog? Enjoy!

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Recently, researching the artist Paul Klee, I found many of his painting and drawings resemble patchworks made by Black women. Eclectic and rhythmic, pulsing with vibrancy.