Sunday, March 02, 2008

Who's your favorite Quilting Workshop teacher?

I received an email last week asking for recommendations for an African American quilting workshop teacher. I've only taken two quilting workshops in life. One was taught by Maryland quilter Barbara Brown, who gave instructions on Baltimore Album techniques, and the other from Penny Sisto. Can you help me to put together a list of 10 African American quilters who also teach quilt-making or quilt technique workshops? Who would you have on the list?

Thank you for all the comments. Here's the list of workshop teachers to date.
  1. Rachel K. Clark
  2. Juanita Yeager
  3. Teresa, Cowie Quilts
  4. Barbara Pietila
  5. Valerie White in Louisville, KY
  6. Adriene Cruz in Portland Oregon
  7. Carole Samples workshops on Crazy Quilt stitches
  8. Anna Fogg in Maryland specializes in folk art needleturn applique
  9. Do feel free to leave more suggestions!


Deborah Grayson Studios said...

I am not a big workshop taker myself but I would have to say the best teacher I ever had was Rachel Kincey Clark. She is a fun, funny and very generous sister teacher.

Deborah GB

Karoda said...

My access to workshops that I want to take is limited so when I do its a big sacrifice...but when and where possible, I will never fail with Juanita Yeager without a doubt...she is serious yet relaxed, she is conscientious about making sure participants get their money's worth and then some, at the workshops she sponsors herself she makes it less burdensome for participants to travel by providing majority of the materials and supplies she will be teaching on. And she is fabulous for brainstorming with and bouncing ideas off on showing a deep interest in what particpants want to acheive with their own ideas.

Anonymous said...

I have been primarily teaching mixed-media art quilt techniques (i.e., beading, working with water soluble film, Lutradur, Tyvek,metal,fabric paint, oil paintsticks, and other media) for several years now. I teach primarily at as well as The city Quilter.
-Teresa , Cowrie Quilts

Geoffrey Philp said...


I’ve awarded your blog a “You Make My Day” award. For more info, click here:

You Make My Day

Bless up,

Anonymous said...

Barbara Pietila has taught for us at Seminole Sampler several times and is very talented.

Kay England wrote a wonderful book about quiltmaking using African patterns and inspirations and has apparently traveled widely on the continent.

:) Linda

Juanita Yeager said...

I'd like to suggest Valerie White. or Her work has been featured in two of Carolyn Mazloomi's exhbits. She is very talented and has a gift for teaching mixed media techniques applicable to art quiltmaking.

Cindy Cooksey said...

I would have to agree about Rachel Clark. She has such a wonderful sense of color and design.

Valerie said...

Hello Kyra, my name is Valerie White, and I live in Louisville, Kentucky.I was looking forward to meeting you at the Speed Museum this past weekend but the snow storm prevented that as well a trip to Wilberforce Ohio for the opening. UGH!!! It was a diappointing weekend to say the least. I read Juanita Yeager's very kind comments and decided to write you.
I have a new website I invite you to visit. I am a retired District of Columbia Art teacher and teach surface design techniques nationally.You will find specific course offering on my website.Please feel free to contact me at
I hope Louisville gets to hear your lecture soon.I look forward to meeting you.
Best regards ,
Valerie C. White

O.V. said...

Adriene Cruz in Portland Oregon. Wonderful and insightful quilter, fiber artist and teacher

Willa said...

Carole Samples teaches workshops on Crazy Quilt stitches. She is meticulous and fun. She "sings" the stitches in her Sampler Class. Her book was out of print and by some miracle they brought it back!

Willa said...

Carole Samples is a unique teacher as she teaches crazy quilt stitches and other workshops related to crazyquilting. She actually "sings" the stitches.

Joanna said...

I hope you don't mind me popping in here and leaving a comment! I must say a wonderful quilt designer/teacher I know is Anna Fogg in MD near DC. She specializes in folk art needleturn applique. She has some photos of her work you can see....

I'm off to have a little wander around your blog :)

Anonymous said...

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