Monday, April 14, 2008

Hillary Clinton Redwork Pattern Quilt Block

Here at the Black Threads blog, I've been asking if anyone is creating quilts or fabric artwork about the 2008 US Presidential election. There's a kind of quilt called called Redwork which includes an embroidery technique using deep red thread. You can read about Redwork in the following books:
If you'd like to get into the Presidential quilting spirit, you can make your own Hillary Clinton Redwork Block with this FREE quilt block pattern. Just click here to download your pattern. If you'd like to make a Redwork quilt featuring all the presidents, check out Michael G. Buckingham's book, Presidential Redwork. Enjoy!


Patty said...

This is really cool. And, I like that you did designs for Obama and McCain too. Thanks for sharing your redwork patterns!

Anonymous said...

Where's one for Donald Trump? Hillary isn't there yet...
biased much