Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Knitting Sojourner Truth CDV sold for $685 on eBay

You've seen this image of Sojourner Truth holding knitting needles with yarn. This specific image was offered at a starting auction price of a mere $0.99 on April 12. It was a 10-day auction. Thirty-seven bids later.... the final, winning bid was $685. (eBay item 360042526566) What's interesting is that this CDV or carte de visite was not even in mint condition. This one had the top cut off! Personally, I continue to look for a CDV of Mrs. Ricks, The Queen's Liberian Visitor by photographers Elliott & Fry to be offered for sale! Enjoy!


Vivian Love said...

This is awesome. I've enjoyed looking at your blog. So interesting.

Thanks for visiting my blog too!
Take care, Vivian

Kyra said...

Vivian - Thanks for your comment. I was amazed at the price the old photograph sold for!

Best, Kyra

Karoda said...

I've never heard of a CDV...I'd bet the buyer intensely understands the impact Truth made in America's history. Keep on educating us Kyra!

Anonymous said...

A CDV is a Carte de Visite, which is a calling card, which was used by the owner to announce their visits, during the 19th C. The modern day version is the business card that are passed out today. What made this CDV so valuable is because of the historical significance. Have seen this CDV sell much higher over the years. Photos of Enslaved Africans, African Americans have sold for thousands of dollars.