Monday, May 05, 2008

Warm Spirits at the African Museum of Philly

Betty Leacraft curates "Warm Spirits: Contemporary African American Quilters" at the African American Museum in Philadelphia April 4 - June 1, 2008. Sixteen quilt artists are featured. On Saturday, May 24 at 1pm, there will be a roundtable discussion of the exhibit moderated by Betty Leacraft, and panelists include Sistah Quilters Bisa Butler, Barbara Imes Jordan, Jacqueline Imes Jenkins, Lisa Shepard Stewart, Christina Johnson and Asake Denise Jones. The discussion is free with museum admissions of $8.00 ($6.00 seniors). Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Did any one attend this event? if so could you share the experience? I would love to know what the topics of dissucsion were