Sunday, June 15, 2008

Black Doll Collectors Convention - May 2008

Debra Britt and her two sisters Felicia Walker and Tammy Mattison have amassed a stunning collection of African American dolls, according to one Massachusetts newspaper. The sisters held a Black Doll Collectors Convention at the Mansfield Holiday Inn (MA) the last weekend of May 2008. I'm sorry to have missed this event, thought to be the first one of its kind in Massachusetts.

Sponsors of the convention include Pearls of Wisdom, a sorority from Brockton, Sisters in Stitches, an African American quilting group in Holbrook, Black Gold DollClub, DALLSS Inc. and thePhiladelphia Doll Museum.

You see photos at: Would love to hear how the convention was from anyone who attended! Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

I found this event to be very disappointing and a waste of time and money. Things were very unorganized and several things that were suppose to be included in the registration fee NEVER HAPPENED. The same applied to the itinerary. Certain entertainment that your registration was suppose to cover DIDN'T HAPPEN. Some people even pre-paid for workshops that never occurred and their money was NOT refunded. Only excuses were made. Even some of the vendors were disgusted as things were not organized to instruct them on the setup initiatives. Many of them had to break down their areas each day and setup again the next day due to the lack of security. There was also more vendors than there were space for so many of them were in rooms outside of the main salesroom and no one knew they were there. Many people were so disgusted that by the time of the banquet they were walking out and leaving their table favors on the table. Needless to say the charity auction which was suppose to raise money for the first black doll museum in Mansfield had very low participation. Many one of kind dolls that you would see go for thousands of dollars at other conventions went for dirt cheap
($100-$600). Not to mention the souvenir doll was of very inferior quality and an absolute disgrace. When you factor in hotel, airfare, registration, meals and airport transfers this event was a total waste of money and time. Especially for the folks that came in early to do tours which started an hour or more late. For some folks it may have been acceptable but, then again it's what your accustom to. Doll Conventions are expensive and I for one do not have the money to waste. To their credit they may get their act together for next year's event. But, the question you have to ask yourself is if your willing to put the money out to find out.