Sunday, June 29, 2008

Kiandra Jimenez - Sistah Quilter in California

In the "Always Great to Meet Another Sistah Quilter" file ... is Kiandra Jimenez. If you have a moment, click on this Press-Enterprise (Riverside, CA) newspaper article about Kiandra and listen to the podcast about her quilting. She is a fourth-generation quilter and uses recycled cloth. You can visit her quilting and baking blog at (Photo from her blog.) Enjoy!


Kiandra said...

first off where do i begin?

thank you beyond words for sharing me with your audience and with such a warm welcome.

i've been a fan of your books and the work you've done on behalf of a.a. quilters from the beginning of my journey into finding my place amongst the wonderful a.a. women who quilt. your work is inspirational.

i am so proud to be a part of this legacy and every opportunity i get to share it, talk about it or pass it on i do; likewise every opportunity i get to connect with someone who is also interrested in a.a. quilts is always excited, not to mention someone who is such a large part of getting a.a. quilts/quilters "out there."

so yes, i am most happy to meet you and to find myself on your blog, such an honor; but also i want to say thank you for what you do for a.a. quilters. women like you inspire me and drive me to create more and forge ahead on my path.

thank you again!

Kyra said...


Thank you for your kind words. Look forward to seeing more about your quilts!

Best, Kyra