Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Stand the Storm by Breena Clarke - Meet Sewing Annie

Over the weekend, I read a Washington Post review of Breena Clarke's new novel, "Stand the Storm." According to Amazon.com:
"Even though Sewing Annie Coats and her son, Gabriel, have managed to buy their freedom, their lives are still marked by constant struggle and sacrifice. Washington's Georgetown neighborhood, where the Coatses operate a tailor's shop and laundry, is supposed to be a "promised land" for former slaves but is effectively a frontier town, gritty and dangerous, with no laws protecting black people."

You might be familiar with Breena Clarke's debut novel, River, Cross My Heart, which was an Oprah's Book Club pick. I look forward to meeting Sewing Annie Coats. Have you read Stand the Storm yet? Enjoy! UPDATE: You can listen to an NPR interview with Clarke by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kyra!
I found your "Black Threads in Kids Lit" blog through "A Wrung Sponge". Although I work with young adults, I did find the information on your blog extremely useful to me as a high school librarian. I thought I was going to find out more about you when I clicked to read your profile but, instead I found your "Black Threads" blog. I was so excited to see that!! I was a quilter until I began library school and I recently made the decision to pick up my needle and begin again. Well, I've subscribed to your blog and I'm sure that I'll be back even sooner now!

Vanna D said...

Hello Kyra,

I have been looking for some type of group anything with Black Quilters and I found your Blog.
I am so pleased to find a place to "go" where I wont feel like the red thread in a green quilt, like I do in every guild and quilt shop I have ever been to.