Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Mystery Quilt by Janet Lorimer

The other week I stumbled upon this 2002 thirty-two page children's book titled, "The Mystery Quilt" by Janet Lorimer. It's a short story about a young college woman, Rachel, who has a history paper to complete. It's also nearing her birthday. There's a family tradition when one turns 20 to add a block to an old family quilt. Rachael, who is not particularly interested in history, visits her grandmother for the ritual of adding the quilted piece. In the process, you guessed it, she comes to know more about her family's history. She also learns that a distant relative started the quilt after escaping slavery and finally getting to freedom. This book does talk about quilts used as map markers on the Underground Railroad. The book retails for $3.50. Enjoy!

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