Monday, November 24, 2008

Obama Fabric Design from Skinny LaMinx

I'm on the hunt - It took nearly 10 years to locate fabric with Nelson Mandela .... where is the fabric with President-Elect Obama? Heather Moore, an illustrator and designer from Cape Town, South Africa featured this Obama "fabric swatch" on her blog, Skinny laMinx. I wonder if she'll upload the design into, the custom fabric on demand site? Would you buy this print for your stash?! Enjoy!


Heather Moore said...

Hi Kyra

So pleased you like this, but it's just hacked, all lo-res-like, on Photoshop, and wouldn't print well on Spoonflower.

The good news, however, is that I was in touch with someone I know who designs African-style fabrics, and she's already onto producing an Obama fabric. She's promised to let me know when it's ready to go, but I'll forward your comment to her to let her know people are ready and waiting!

Heather (of Skinny laMinx)

Kyra said...

Heather - Thanks for stopping by! Hack job or no - it's a lovely print. Look forward to hearing more about other Obama fabrics.

Best, Kyra

Rachel said...

Kyra and Heather, I sure hope that the Obama fabric becomes a reality. I can't wait to see his face on fabric that I can use.
Kyra, keep up the good work. You provide such a wonderful service.

yetunde said...

my friend in rwanda, just email me today and said that she was looking out for obama fabric for me. so if i hear anything from her i will also let you know. she is always sending me fabric.



The pale observer said...

Obama fabric abounds on the streets of Accra, Ghana this week - in honour of his imminent arrival!!