Monday, January 05, 2009

International Quilt Study Group Symposium - April 3, 2009

The annual International Quilt Study Group Symposium is set for April 2 - 4, 2009 in Lincoln, NE. The theme of the weekend is The Global Quilt: Cultural Contexts. The schedule of speakers looks outstanding! Of interest to Black Threads blog readers might be:
  • Symbolism & Community - Presenters: 1. Myrah Brown Green, The Presence of African Symbols in Contemporary North American Quilts; 2. Judy Bales, Fractal Geometry in African American Quilts; 3. Pearlie Johnson, The Power of Feminism in Fabric Art: A Celebration of Motherhood, Sisterhood, and the Matriarchs; and 4. Richard Caro, Quiltmaking and the Online Guild
  • Renewing & Reinterpreting Tradition - Presenters: 1. Marsha MacDowell, Quiltmaking in South Africa; 2. Gwen Wanigasekera, British Origins, American Traditions, South Pacific Influences: Quilts in Aotearoa, New Zealand; and 3. Laurel Horton, Swedish Quilts in the Context of the Hemslojd (Handcraft) Movement
  • Cultural Cross-overs - Presenters: 1. Dorothy Osler; 2. Janneken Smucker, "Qui sont les Amish?": Europeans and the American-ness of Quilts; and 3. Colleen Hall-Patton, Ethnic Quilting Traditions in Magazine Articles
  • Aesthetic Consciousness - Presenters: 1. Leigh Fullner, A Comparative Study of Slave Trade-era African Textiles and African-American; 2. Kathleen Moore, Defining African-American Quilts: Are the Commentators at Cross Purposes?; 3. Teri Klassen, Quilt Aesthetics and Cultural Values in the Mid 1900s Rural U.S. South; and 4. Mary Worrall, The Cuesta Benberry African and African American Quilt and Ephemera Collections

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