Thursday, January 22, 2009

President and Mrs. Obama Greet Visitors - Sister with Obama Fabric!

Today's Washington Post newspaper includes a story about the Open House hosted by President and Mrs. Obama at the White House. Ordinary folks were welcomed to a tour and met the First Couple. I wish you could see the print edition of the newspaper - the photo taken by Larry Downing, a Reuters senior staff photographer assigned to the White House - includes an unidentified woman shaking hands with Mrs. Obama. She's wearing a wrap featuring Obama fabric from East Africa. How wonderful! Larry Downing took the photo here. Larry, if you happen to read the Black Threads blog (big smile!), how can we see your photo showing the fabric clearly? You know, the one in today's Post! UPDATE: Just learned the woman wearing the Obama Khanga fabric is Beverly Bezeokoli, formerly of Tanzania. Enjoy!


Busokelo said...

I love it!! So glad you shared this Kyra!

aisha said...

Thank you for this post. How wonderful. You never know when Obama cloth will show up.

cici said...

what a great photo.. I would like a closer look. Is it posted some where else?

Karoda said...

did you notice her hat? it looks like a knit! how fabulous!

Big Mama said...

I watched on TV as President and Mrs. Obama welcomes the group. They truly mean to make the White House the People's House. I saw this lady, but never noticed the fabric other than it looked to be an African motif. Truly you have the heart (and the eye) of a researcher!

Penda said...

Hello All:
I am Beverly Ezeokoli the woman wearing the Khanga with Obama's photo on it.
On the Khanga (cloth)it is written in swahili- Congratulations Barack Obama, God has blessed us with peace and love.

I was also wearing a hat and scarf with Obama's name on it.

I am from Trinidad & Tobago. Actually I was born in Trinidad.

Thank You for your compliments! By now you know how much I love our president.(smile)