Monday, September 07, 2009

Sisters in Stitches Joined by the Cloth

Hope everyone had a lovely time at the recent Sisters in Stitches Joined By The Cloth quilting guild biannual quilt show, Telling Our Story In Quilts and Tapestry, at the Boys and Girls Club of Roxbury in Boston, MA on Friday August 28 and August 29, 2009. The show featured quilts made by young persons taught by the guild!


Verita Robinson said...

I have your book, This I Accomplish and am totally fascinated with it. My grandmother Ophelia Powers Griffeth, was from Statham, Georgia just outside of Athens. You can tell by both her maiden and married names why I am so fascinated and why I look forward to hearing more about your research and the anticipated answers to your questions, especially about Mr. Griffeth.
While my sister and I have tried to do some research about family connections, we know nothing concrete about any familial connection to Harriet Powers, but we have some reasons to believe there may be.

I love your blog and appreciate your work.

Verita Robinson

Anonymous said...
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Kyra said...


Thank you for your note! Wouldn't it be grand to be related to Mrs. Powers!?

Best, Kyra