Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Disney's Princess and the Frog - when will there be quilting fabric?

The new Disney movie the Princess and the Frog will open in the next few weeks. There's sure to be loads of licensed or themed products. I can't wait to get the cotton fabrics! I have a stash of African-American themed prints - and would like to add this new African American Disney Princess. This cover (photo) is a baby blanket. There are also twin comforters and sheet sets. Does anyone know if there is quilting fabric available? Do leave a comment here. Enjoy!


Hello said...

that's a gr8 picture, i hope they do make some fabric, how long have u been quilting? i would love to learn, my mother used to tell me stories about freedom quilts and slavery and I've always wanted to learn. have u ever watched how to make an american quilt, its really good there is a story about a african-american story quilt in it

Elizabeth said...

they do have the princess in the frog fabric at some places... my friend just told me they even had it in her local wal-mart. would like some myself.. I have my own shop at.

janice said...

Hello, I found 2 Cottons at Kirkland Washington Hancock Fabric.
And a fleece. The one with the ball gown is beautifulllll.

I am making my husband's nieces pillowcases and blankets they are very excited to have a look alike princess FINALLY.....
Good Luck
I love the Baby blanket you found I have NOT seen that. Janice

KevinB said... has some... I think the rest are on page 2 or 3.