Saturday, January 23, 2010

Eric Easter - "A man in search of a quilt"

I wanted to share this link to a December 2008 article by Eric Easter, Chief of Digital Strategy for Johnson Publishing Company. On he wrote about his unsuccessful search to commission someone to create quilts from cherished clothes as keepsakes for his children. He penned ..."By my estimate, in the last five years I have spoken with or e-mailed about four dozen quilters and have had no luck." His 2009 resolution was to find a "Quilt Whisperer" to help with the search. I wonder - as we're now in 2010 - if he was successful. I hope so. Enjoy!


Big Mama said...

Is Mrs. P still quilting? I'm surprised that he couldnlt find anyone to take him up on his offer.
The custom of making quilts for children in the house has not been reviveds, huh?

Kyra said...

Mrs. P is not quilting as much. I do hope Mr. Easter does locate someone to stitch his quilt.

Love, Kyra