Wednesday, March 03, 2010

African Canadian Quilts on exhibit in Toronto

Stitching Community: African Canadian Quilts From Southern Ontario in Toronto is on exhibit until September 6, 2010 at the Royal Ontario Museum. According to the museum's website:
"This exhibition uses quilts made from 1848 to 1976 to explore the role of African Canadian women in reinforcing community ties in new and unfamiliar settings. It addresses the notion of developing social and familial ties through quilts while mainly focusing on the African Canadian community in North Buxton, a community whose foundation owes much to the freed slaves who settled in Canada, the land of freedom.

The exhibition is comprised of artifacts loaned from the Buxton Museum and items from the Ontario Black History Society (OBHS), including quilts, photographs, tools of the trade, and a variety of black cloth dolls." Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Kyra, I have spent the last few hours reading your stuff on line, and sending your info to my cousin in San Diego who is going to blog about a black friend of hers who quilts and does embroidery. This lady is in severe chronic pain and does what she can to keep her mind off it by quilting and embroidering.
I plan on getting all your books to read as I can. Your work and writing seems very interesting!!! I had noticed and read a little of Harriet Powers before. Will look forward to your book!

SEWButterfly said...

Thanks always for your contribution and inspiration!

Wahnie said...

Hi Kyra I am an admirer of your work. I wasn't aware of any other liberian quilters until I came across you blog. Thanks for the inspiration.

Wahnue Washington

Kyra said...

Cathy - Thanks for your note. If you can, share your cousin's blog URL so we all can visit and read the post. Thank you! Kyra

Kyra said...

Stacy - Many thanks. On a side note, I was on YOUR blog, and love the pink/beige colors in your latest quilt top! Best, Kyra

spinning in air said...

this is *great* - a close relative of mine spent a good deal of time in the 80s and 90s researching the history of African American communities (and the lives of some escaped slaves) in Eastern Canada.

So nice to see that others are working on these topics.

Great blog all 'round. (Am not a quilter, but I definitely am a fan of nice textiles.)