Thursday, April 22, 2010

Watercolor of Powers Pictorial Quilt by Eric L. Swanson, 1991

I just love how folks share with me how the creative stitching of Harriet Powers has attracted them. On Monday I received an email from a quilter. She wrote:
"I read the article about your work on Harriet Powers in Quilters Newsletter and was quite tickled. About 20 years ago (long before I stared quilting), I walked into a Seattle art gallery and saw a watercolor of what looked to be a quilt. I really didn't know much about quilts at the time, though was always drawn to them. The watercolor was very folk art looking, and I decided to take the plunge. The gallery owner told me it was the artist's interpretation of a quilt.... and the title of the work was "Powers"...
WOW! The quilter who owns this painting, which was done on handmade paper, would like to know more about the painter. When she purchased the watercolor, she was told it was by Oregon artist Eric L. Swanson. Can you help us locate this artist? Enjoy!

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