Monday, May 24, 2010

Brother Quilter - Ken Ellis - have you seen his quilts!?

Thanks to Gwen for introducing me to quilts of Chicago artist Ken Ellis. Have you seen his quilts? Ellis has been quilting for more than 20 years. According to the ChicagoReader,
"Ellis learned to sew from his father, a maintenance engineer, while growing up on the Gold Coast, and he's always painted. He's also a big history buff. But it wasn't until after stints at the Chicago Academy for the Arts, the School of the Art Institute, and Columbia College that he combined the three interests. "I got fed up with school and went to work in a punk bar," he says. The bar was the famous La Mere Vipere, where he met his ex-wife, Marilyn. She turned him on to fabric dye, which she used to color T-shirts and pillows. The dye was brighter and more durable than oil paint, "which is on a layer of gesso and can crack and peel off," says Ellis. "My dye is part of the fabric and will be there as long as the fabric is there."
You can see more of Mr. Ellis' quilts at the Anatomically Correct website. Click here to see quilts from his "Sewing the Seeds" exhibit. So - what do you think of his quilt!? Enjoy!



These quilts are beautifully done. Thanks for sharing this Brothas' work with us. I am a native Chi-town, I am very proud.

Valerie (discerningchichi) said...

Wow - this is stunning and I love his use and coordination of vibrant colours!