Friday, October 29, 2010

Artistic Expressions of Quilters of Color - now available!

The Ebony Stitchers Quilt Guild has done it again! They have just published "Artistic Expressions of Quilters of Color"! This 48-page softcover book features quilts, profiles, and short text for the following 33 quilters:

Ms. Ceree Bowden, Renee Allen, Marquetta Bell Johnson, Linda Asbury, N. Yvonne Bernal, Nicole Blackwell, Myla Chapman, Jessica Coleman, Cleme Cosby, Anita Burns Crosby, Joyce Daniels, Edna Marie Gaddis Anderson, Mamie Ellis, Lindsey G. France, Nancy DeCreny Franklin, Gwen Gordon, Janice Hunter, Melanie Ligon, Aisha Lumumba, Ernestine Merritt, Wardean S. Miller, Tricia Montgomery, Carolyn Newton, Elaine Parker, Theresa Polley-Shellcroft, Belinda Pedroso, Tinnie and Minnie Pettway, J. C. Rice, Billie Jean Richardson, Paulette Strain, Carolyn W. White, Inez Wilkerson, and Irma Young.

The book also includes a pattern for a Bird of Paradise quilt. Margaret Warfield created the cover design. Michael Angelo Chester is credited for the book design and layout. The quilts from these quilters from Georgia to California are just marvelous! The book retails for $20 and is available from the Ebony Stitchers Quilt Guild website. Great holiday gift. Enjoy!

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Where can I purchase a print of this painting?