Monday, November 29, 2010

Tricia Waddell - Editor-in-Chief, Stitch Magazine

Tricia Waddell, editor-in-chief of Stitch Magazine, recently announced that the bi-annual publication is moving to quarterly! Burda Style recently published an online interview with Ms. Waddell. According to the interview, she's a crafter herself:
"I love to make stuff period, so I do all sorts of crafts. I enjoy knitting, jewelry-making, mixed-media artwork, hand embroidery, and most recently I have been learning to weave. I definitely combine crafts, especially the fiber-related crafts. I love adding custom handcrafted touches like embroidery or beading to my sewing projects. And I want to add more fiber techniques into my mixed-media work."
What do you like best about Stitch? If you are not familiar with Stitch Magazine, do visit the Stitch blog! Enjoy!

Carol - thanks for sharing that the Burda link is no longer working. Sorry about that! Here's a link to a YouTube video interview with Ms. Waddell by PinkChalkTV. Enjoy!


Carol said...

I love Stitch magazine. I purchase one from time to time, since I'm already in debt for more magazine than I should. She is such a beautiful lady and smart too. The link to the Burda interview does not work. Will come and try again later. Thanks

Kyra said...

Carol - Thanks for your note! The Burda link worked fine when I posted it, but now the page does not appear to be there. Sorry about that. I posted a YouTube video link instead.

Deborah said...

I LOVE Stitch magazine. I have every issue and I "like" their facebook page. I am so excited that we will be getting more, more, more. Congrats to Waddell. she is making quite a splash.

Willa said...

I have been looking at this mag and will subscribe now.
By the way Kyra, I just received your 1.6 million AA quilters book in the mail from Amazon. I now have 'em all! :o)

So funny, a sewing friend and I were just talking about Ms. Waddell last night! Gotta support our sisters!