Sunday, February 13, 2011

Princeton Theological Seminary Students Unveil New Quilt

Congratulations to Princeton Theological Seminary students Anjeanette Allen (M.Div., 2012), Rachel Daley (M.Div., 2011), and Chinor Miguel Lee (M.Div., 2013) for the unveiling of a community quilt project commemorating the breadth and scope of African American religion. The three students were in Yolanda Pierce’s Fall 2010 African American Religious History class.

Ms. Allen, who earlier wrote a paper about the significance of quilting in the African American religious tradition, organized the community quilt project. The quilt is thirty-six-inches by thirty-six-inches and includes sixteen blocks. Cynthelia Cephas, a fourth-generation African American master quilter, taught participants quilting, as none of the three students were quilters. Blocks within the quilt feature events such as the beginning of the African American Pentecostal movement and the March on Washington as well as individuals such as Harriet Tubman and Jarena Lee, the first woman authorized to preach by Richard Allen, founder of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.

How terrific is it that students can create quilts as part of their school projects! I'd love to learn more about the individual quilt blocks, how about you!? Congratulations again to Anjeanette, Rachel and Chinor! Enjoy!


Big Mama said...

Hi, Kyra...
Holler if this wuilt ever comes out to los Angeles.
Stopped by here on my way to Amazon.

Peggy Nyberg said...

what a great way to express yourself and create something of such beauty too.
I am a creater too: