Monday, April 04, 2011

Conversation with Aminah Robinson and Faith Ringgold - Columbus Museum

Many thanks to the Ancestral Blessings blog for posting this conversation between two master artists (and quilters) - Aminah Robinson and Faith Ringgold speaking at the Columbus Museum of Art. The video is on YouTube. In the first five moments, they speak about exhibiting in "Stitching Memories: African American Story Quilts." This was the exhibit that I saw in 1991 that told me to be a quilter! This video is 40 mins long - so get a warm or cool drink and .... ENJOY!


Sandra Scott Textile Artist said...

These wonderful women are my inspiration. Thank you.

Ancestral Blessings said...

Many, many, many thanks to you also Kyra. You have unknowing been a part of my journey...Please allow me to me explain...Wendy Kendrick (artbywepa) is a very good friend of mine… I met Wendy in August 2008 and since that day…she has always lovingly encouraged me to move, forward with my art.

In January 2009, she sent me the link to Black Threads. I read your post regarding the “Call for Entries: Mermaid and Merwomen in Black Folklore” exhibit. Sistah…Sistah…Sistah…let me tell ya…let me tell ya…because of your willingness to post/share that information…I answered the call for entries and my doll AsheAshe’ was accepted…I want you to know that that was the first art exhibit that I had ever applied to or participated in.

What I found amazing (as I cried while reading your post) is what we both received from watching the video…as you said “just needing to remember blessings”. Again, thank you my Sistah!

Be Blessed,
Antoinette Savage

Big Mama said...

What a wonderful tribute to Kyra!

Her proud Mom

Bill Volckening said...

Thank you for sharing this video. These are two incredible, strong women whose art is meaningful and memorable.