Sunday, August 28, 2011

Laverne Brackens, Texas Quilter is an Award Recipient!

Congratulations to Laverne Bracken of Fairfield, Texas for receiving one of nine 2011 National Endowments for the Arts National Heritage Fellowships for her quilting. You can see more of Mrs. Bracken's quilt at the Quilts and Stories by Sherry Ann blog. You can click here to read about seven other African American quilters who have been Fellowship recipients in the past. Enjoy!


Sherry Ann said...

Thanks mother will be so elated to see this post. I will show it to her very,very soon. She is gradually getting the hang of computer skills, but still struggles with online stuff. She loves the computer card games though and is very good at those.

I was so saddened to hear about Gwen. I never met her in person...but felt like I had. I loved her website. Gonna miss her dearly.
The very best to you always.

Sherry Ann

Lori said...

How wonderful! So much beautiful work, thank you for sharing this.

Anonymous said...

My congratulations to Laverne Brackens,precisely these days i've been working on a small quilt border inspired by one of her quilts!!. I love her quilts designs. I feel happy for her and what it means to be recognized as one of the best.
She and Sherry are among my favourit quilters.

rose said...

what an inspiration to see this work. I am a new quilter, which I have only done 4 of them and realize by seeing these quilts I can be free with my ideas.