Thursday, February 16, 2012

Nike's Black History Month - limited edition shoes - Does LeBron quilt?

Nike is celebrating Black History Month with an international flare. They are focusing on three different, emotional moments for players of color from the USA, Brazil, and Kenya. For the US side, the moment is the Women's Basketball team won gold at the 1996 Olympics.

Nike has also issued a limited edition set of Black History shoes. Yeah, I know this is a quilt history blog. But, check out the LeBron 9 BHM shoes. What a fabulous kente cloth inspiration. It reminds me of the 1998 landmark exhibit "Wrapped in Pride: Ghanaian Kente and African American Identity" Have a look here at the Nike Insight site to see the other shoes in the Black History 2012 collection - they also have a quilt-theme going on.

Quilters on the court!? Football great Rosey Grier did needlepoint. Do you think that LeBron quilts? What kind of quilts would LeBron stitch? Traditional, story? hand or machine? What say you!? Enjoy!

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Cyndi said...

I'm not a LeBron fan, but those are gorgeous shoes! I've seen fabric like that-even have a bit with orange as the primary color. Hooray for Nike and its celebration.