Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Gifted: Art Quilts Featuring African American History Makers

Just published!  Gifted: Art Quilts featuring African American History Makers by Aisha Lumumba is now available. This 28-page, full-color catalog showcases moving pictorial quilts of famous folks such as Billie Holiday, Whoopi Goldberg, Forest Whitaker (quilt appropriately titled "No Trees Just Forest"), a dignified Sidney Poitier, a notorious and stern Biggie Smalls, and more. The portraits seem real given Aisha Lumumba's talent for putting bits of fabric together in such a way you "see" the real person.  Can't you just feel Billie Holiday dig deep while singing "God Bless the Child" from this cover photo?  Be sure to read this visually delightful art quilt catalog!  Enjoy!

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